Ashleyville Real Estate

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood that has safe streets, plenty of trees, and wonderful playgrounds for the children, Ashleyville is the perfect location for you to buy property or to undertake your home improvement project. With a history that goes back to the 1600s, Ashleyville offers you a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle that takes your quality of life to new levels of satisfaction.

If you’re interested in buying and remodeling a home of your own, Ashleyville is a great place to use your creative talents. Lighting and plumbing fixtures can be used to accent your tile and wall colors. Elegant furnishings will highlight architectural changes and allows you to make the best and most attractive use of the available space

Charleston is well known for its famous exterior colors and your home can be an integral part of this vibrant community. Many homes have been remodeled and landscaped beautifully which adds to the curb appeal of your home. You’ll find a variety of bedrooms and baths and tasteful appointments that make your home the ideal place to entertain family and friends. Many homes have outside decks where you can enjoy a cool beverage and a good book on a lazy afternoon. Determine the square footage that you need so that you can shop for the right sized home in this trendy new area of Charleston.

Ashleyville is just a short walk to The Triangle and Avondale where there are outstanding shops and restaurants. Nearby you can also find exciting entertainment, live music, and activities that keep you busy during your leisure time. With highways 526, 17, and 16 next to Ashleyville, you can be enjoying life to its fullest in just a short drive. You will also want to take in some of the excellent art galleries, outstanding restaurants, exceptional shops and a myriad of outdoor entertainment venues that you and your family can enjoy. Don’t forget the many ways to enjoy the water and other sports in Charleston.  life will never be the same for you and your family.

Enjoy the cobblestone streets, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, or simply take a stroll along the waterfront to let the breeze and the water clear your mind for your next adventure. Visit some of the local museums so that you can get a feel for the history of Charleston and the Ashleyville area.  To capture your piece of historic Charleston, look at the available properties inside the Ashleyville Community.