Greenbrier Homes

If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood in the Litchfield section of Pawleys Island, with nice sized lots and homes with charm, then take a tour of Greenbrier. Greenbrier is a small community of homes, with a location close to beaches, grocery stores and banks, as well as the breathtaking Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington Beach State Park. Also, the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk is just a short drive away, ensuring that residents of Greenbrier are never too far from numerous entertainment options. The community of Greenbrier does not have a monthly HOA fee, which is quite nice for homeowners looking to save on that monthly fee. Also, the homes in Greenbrier are mostly on lots that are a half acre in size or more, and you will not find the typical “cookie cutter: style homes that are so popular in other sections of the Grand Strand. Because Greenbrier is a smaller community, you might find that there are not any properties currently for sale. The most recently sold properties have gone for very reasonable prices, however, which includes properties in both the 200’s and 300’s. If you find that there is not a property in Greenbrier at the moment, then click on the links for Crooked Oak Cottages and Compass Point too.

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