Socastee Real Estate

The Socastee section of Myrtle Beach, pronounced “Saw-ka-stee,” is located just west of Highway 17 Bypass, and is easily accessed by either Highway 544 or Highway 707. The Intracoastal Waterway runs through much of Socastee, and the historic section of Socastee is the area where the Intracoastal Waterway meets the famous Socastee swing bridge. The swing bridge, when originally built in the 1930’s was turned by hand crank from the little building on top of the bridge. Even today, the Socastee Swing Bridge employs an operator in the little building atop the bridge, whose main purpose is to watch for boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway who need to pass through.

The Historic District of Socastee is comprised of the Swing Bridge, the Thomas B, Cooper House, the Thomas B. Cooper store, and the Samuel S. Sarvis House, all of which were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There is also an old pecan grove near the Thomas B. Cooper store, which is included in the HIstoric section of Socastee. The Socastee Historic District is the site for the annual Socastee Heritage Festival. During the Socastee Heritage Festival vendors line the street of the HIstoric District selling local food and other goods. Hundreds of people show up for the annual Heritage Festival, but even then, the Socastee Swing Bridge turns for boaters needing passage.

The Socastee area of Myrtle Beach is growing fast, as evidenced by the brand new elementary school, which was built within the past few years. There are also many new home developments being built along Highway 707 in Socastee. A quick drive through the main intersection in Socastee can also give light to the growth within the community. There are both local and chain restaurants, grocery stores, shops, banks, and so much more in Socastee. Also, the rapidly growing Market Common District with its numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment options is literally just across highway 17 Bypass from Socastee. Sayebrook Town Center and the nearby South Commons Shopping Center are also just a few minutes away with numerous restaurants, and tons of shopping in big chain stores. All of this plus the fact that Socastee is less than 10 miles from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach Boulevard make Socastee a great place to live on the Grand Strand.