Summerville Real Estate

With the true hospitality and charm of a sleepy Southern town, Summerville provides you with lovely homes, delightful gardens, and parks where you can stroll through natural habitation and teach the children about how to be good stewards of the environment around them. With about 700 places listed in the National Register of Historic Places, you’ll be able to step back and enjoy history with your family and friends.

Make sure that you determine how much square footage that you need, the amenities that you expect to be available in your neighborhood, and some of the appointments that are important to you when you invest in a home here. Once you develop your list of wants and needs you can then begin to narrow down your choices and shop within your budget. The homes in Summerville have a variety of floor plans, custom designs for your countertops and cabinetry, and exteriors that take the work out of owning a home in the Low Country. If you are environmentally responsible, you may want to choose a neighborhood in Summerville that has preserved the trees, wetlands, and natural areas for everyone to enjoy. Ask about energy efficient homes so that you can help control your household budget.

Owning a home in Summerville allows you to enjoy a host of activities that keep you engaged with family and friends all year long.  The Summerville UMCA hosts a Festival each year as a fundraiser to enhance the lives of children throughout the area. You can find treasures crafted by artisans from around the world, activities for children and adults alike, and plenty of good food and beverages to top off the experience. Held in early April, this is an event that you’ll want to place on your calendar as soon as you get settled in your new home. In late May, you’ll want to attend the Sculpture in the South event that benefits the sculpture program in Summerville. This outdoor art event has become nationally recognized and is attended by people from all over the world. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your family to an appreciation for the arts.

With affordable pricing, exceptional craftsmanship, and amenities that add value to your home, making a purchase in Summerville can be a smart economical move for you and your family. You’ll finally be able to rock on your front porch, read in your sunroom, prepare meals in your gourmet kitchen, and enjoy life to its fullest.