The Peninsula – Downtown Charleston

The downtown area of Charleston, known as The Peninsula, is about five square miles and is one of the jewels of the Low Country. This area continues to draw a diverse population that has developed a love for the history and lifestyle of downtown Charleston. People of all ages enjoy water sports, art and cultural events, historic and ghost tours, and nature adventures that develop a love for preserving nature around the Low Country. Charleston is well-known for beauty, restaurants, shopping, history, and the business climate that has been developed by the entrepreneurs now in Charleston.

You should first determine your budget, your needs for space and location, and the amenities that you prefer for your home in The Peninsula. You’ll find many condo opportunities on Meeting Street and King Street which are the center of the action in Charleston. With excellent night life, exciting entertainment, and great value for your investment, your new home will be an investment that you’ll be glad you made. Condos usually begin in the upper $100k range; they feature about 500 square feet with one bedroom. Luxury condos are priced significantly higher and offer more square footage with multiple bedrooms; they begin in the $800k range and move up to over $1 million for prime areas.

If it’s a home that you want, you’ll be near some of the best restaurants and shopping in Charleston. You’ll have many options for entertainment and will be able to walk to most everything that you want to do. Prices will depend on the square footage, the location, and the appointments that you want in our home. City lifestyle is most convenient, can reduce the stress of owning and maintaining a vehicle, and increases your options for things to do just steps from your home. You can visit art galleries, shop for treasures at the Old City Market, or do some window-shopping on King Street. From the Farmer’s Market to church and cemetery tours to the events held at Marion Square you’ll find numerous treasures that are just minutes away from your home. The Peninsula also has a wonderful mix of eclectic shops for you to browse through in your spare time.

If you love historical areas, walkability, and a lifestyle that’s rich in heritage and convenience, then The Peninsula is the perfect place to buy your next home.